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Hakuba Valley Snow Resort Open.







One of the largest BIG slopes in Japan, a ski resort with a spectacular view of the Northern Alps overlooking majestic 3,000-meter-high mountains.

The 200-hectare BIG slope, one of the largest in Japan, boasts a height difference of 1,071 meters and the longest run of 8,000 meters, making it a great place for beginners, families, and experts alike to enjoy skiing surrounded by 3,000-meter mountains.
Shuttle buses are available for easy transportation within the area. The town is dotted with bars, restaurants, sports brand stores, and the highly alkaline Hakuba Happo Hot Springs, where you can enjoy après-ski.
It is also an ideal ski resort for overnight trips with a sense of history and culture.




栂池高原スキー場 OPEN!!


北アルプス白馬エリア最大級の広大なフィールドは、緩斜面で幅が広く、初心者や初級者からファミリーまで安心して楽しめ、ちびっこも楽しめるキッズパークも!レクチャーを受けた方のみの「TSUGA POW DBD」と呼ばれる非圧雪エリアも!バックカントリーも楽しめ、ビギナーからエキスパートが楽しめるフィールド満載!



The field, based on the “Bell Ringing Hill Slope” and the long “Han no Ki Course”, one of the largest and widest gentle slopes in the Hakuba area of the Northern Alps, can be enjoyed by everyone, from beginners to experts.
The vast field, one of the largest in the Hakuba area of the Northern Alps, is wide with gentle slopes, and can be enjoyed by beginners and beginners as well as families with ease, and there is also a kids’ park for little ones to enjoy! There is also a kid’s park where little ones can have fun! There is also a non-snow area called “TSUGA POW DBD” for those who have taken a lecture! Backcountry skiing can also be enjoyed, and there are plenty of fields for beginners and experts alike!






エイブル白馬五竜スキー場 OPEN!!






Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort, where the Alps are right in front of you. It takes only a minute or two to walk from the parking lot to the slopes.

Able Hakuba Goryu is located in a perfect location at the entrance to Hakuba Village. It boasts a stable gondola and lift operation rate and a variety of courses that can be enjoyed by beginners and advanced skiers alike, with high-quality snow and spectacular views. The Iimori slope is home to Family Land Iimori with moving walkways and a full range of family courses.



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